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Away days

When was the last time you shared a fire or a sunset?

Immersive offsites 

This is the full sense of Recalling Fire.

We'll pull water up from the streams and sit until the fire burns low.

How would your team benefit by sharing deep, life-affirming experiences?


Our storytellers and wilderness guides work in partnership to take your group out. All the way out. Whether you choose comfort or simpler field accommodation, we'll have access to wildness, forest, moorland, rivers.

These one-off experiences are the deepest undertaking we offer and, by far, the most powerful when it to comes to connecting to self, community and nature.


Fully immersive offsites guided by nature connection, community practices, ritual and myth, giving you and a handful of strangers, or you and your team open space to truly see one another. 

If you're new to our approach, we recommend arranging a Workshop to give you a taste before we travel into the deepest terrain together.

A unique and powerful practice to bring people closer together.

"The evening on the moor opened up possibilities of how stories can initiate healing, how they made me realise that we aren't too different from each other."

Kara de los Reyes, Terra Lupa



Guided by the wisdom of traditional oral tales and sure-footed storytellers with combined experience in communications, leadership development and mountain guiding, you will open doorways to…

  • Relax your shoulders. Unclench your jaw. Give yourselves over to the care of our mythic and wilderness guides.

  • Connect more deeply with life.

  • Share in experiences far beyond the day-to-day, exploring mythic images together for years to come.

  • Learn a new lexicon, replacing the 'water cooler' conversations with access points to 'meaning of life' imagery.

  • Access the hidden potential of the oral tradition, carrying ancient wisdom with you for the rest of your life (within your organisation and far beyond).

  • In short, build loyalty and community connection.

Anona Dawson, The Wildlife Trusts

“Mesmeric, deeply moving and uplifting for a tired soul. Those moments of stillness and reflection are still viscerally with me now.”

Simon, participant

"Thank you for letting me grieve, for letting me celebrate, for letting me believe."

Our approach and benefits

This project is interested in how organisations can prepare for new futures and moments of transformation for their organisations.

We've seen the power ancient stories and community connection techniques can have,  resourcing intrepid organisations and changemakers and aiding in positive change for all.

The opportunities are wide reaching...

A gentle warning: meeting one another in such depth can feel unusual. It's 'meaning of life' material. We can only do this work if you come with willing hearts and open minds.

Speak to the team

Intrigued? Unsure? Conflicted? These are the natural feelings we face before we embark on powerful, daring work. Book a free discovery call to speak to the team about the possibilities ahead...

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