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Our enquiry: How would the world of business change if people in organisations had space and practices to hear their hearts and truly meet?


Myth began as a method of meaning-making in our chaotic world; a response to the kinds of questions we've never been able to answer. But myth is not an attempt control. It's a conduit for wonder.

Thanks to the oral tradition old stories have since been filtered, passing through the generations like  water through layers of mineral-rich rock, leaving only the purest form of wisdom. Time-tested imagery allows us to see the self in the other and the other in the self. To see we are not alone.

As storytellers, we do not understand the stories. In fact, we mistrust those who say it's possible. Our role is to bring the images to you and your teams, to bring you into an ancient, shared experience which has been practiced for the vast majority of human history, to warm you into your bodies and draw you closer together. It is the work of community liveness.


Our Approach


This approach is based on the research and development of Recalling Fire's oral storytelling community and events: reigniting our wonder for life. Meet ancient, wild characters. Maybe, in the twilight, meet yourself. Find out more about Recalling Fire.

After hearing a profound, timeless story, you will have a lifetime to explore its meaning, but it's a unique and rare moment to feel it moving in your body for the first time. Your participation in this work begins by dropping into a place of presence and reflection, led by our guides. After the stories, before any attempt to 'get' what happened, you will have a moment to 'get with' the moment, to feel your physical body, breathe, pause.


The act of storytelling is alive. Old tales are outside our control: they contort and scrap, travelling through time and asserting themselves most avidly on those who didn't know they needed them (including our storytellers). Each telling is unique and, what's more, there is no knowing how the stories will try to reach you. We relish the embodied, alive sense brought on by 'not knowing'.


Oral stories are deep and ancient things. They're passed fireside to fireside, retold over generations in countless contexts, until all that remains are the images which were universally important in every telling. We recognise their heritage by practicing gratitude and reverence.

We will guide a process of sensemaking with simple practices giving you access to one of the most powerful moments of all: being allowed us to see the self in the other and the other in the self: 
to witness a part of yourself which may have been calling out for months, years, maybe even your entire life.


It is a strange and unique experience to be guided back to your latent spirituality. Our promise is to give you and your teams supporting practices and moments of continuation with the team. We will co-create the experience as it suits your needs.


1. We are devoted to our order of experience, guiding participants to feel before they dwell. Like magic tricks, oral stories can be interesting to 'understand', but the real power and potential is the felt experience which comes before the 'knowing'.

2. Your participation begins by dropping into a place of presence and reflection, into which our expert guides introduce memorable and powerful images by the means of traditional oral storytelling.


3. Our approach is the result of experience and experimentation, but we never lose touch with intuition. From solid foundations, we take an active part in sensemaking and adjusting the experience to suit each group.

For example, our Away Days have a different approach...


Why this feels different

Common ground

By the means of ancient images, you're given access to wisdom and a shared language of depth and truth. If you allow yourselves to be guided to come fully, you'll begin to foster deep, meaningful, life-affirming connections.


Far-flung, adventurous offsites used to be reserved for huge corporates with exhaustive budgets. As long as you and your teams come with open hearts and willing ears, these portable experiences will take you through deeper, more meaningful terrain  than even the most exotic passport stamps.


Oral storytelling has been practiced in almost every culture in human history. Many of us in the developed modern west are exceptions to the rule. We offer you an opportunity to reconnect with ancient wisdom filtered and refined through countless retellings, fireside-to-fireside over generations.


The hallmark of oral storytelling is 'liveness'. Every experience is distinctly unique. Although our facilitators and guides are well acquainted with myth, there is no knowing how it will move in the telling. Each experience is unique to the story, the teller, the place, you and whoever else is 'in'.


Our methods offer unique opportunities to reflect, to see yourselves and your challenges ‘side on’. When it comes to myth and nature, a matter of hours is all it takes to begin lifelong perspective shifts.


Our storytelling events have been called ‘mesmeric’ and ‘nourishing’. Get clear of your day-to-day and breathe freely as we give you access to deeply resourced practices and fresh perspectives. Break bread. Watch the sunset. Share fire.

Your guides

Recalling Fire is led by Sam Crosby, Alex Tighe and Alys Harwood, who draw on an interdisciplinary team of associates, guides and facilitators to suit your organisational needs.

A gentle warning: meeting one another in such depth can feel unusual. It's 'meaning of life' material. We can only do this work if you come with willing hearts and open minds.

Speak to the team

Intrigued? Unsure? Conflicted? These are the natural feelings we face before we embark on powerful, daring work. Book a free discovery call to speak to the team about the possibilities ahead...

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