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A community oath

We are recalling our wonder.


Steeping in wild stories and old places.

To honour our animal intuition.


To embrace the nourishment of darkness and hard times.

To unsew the lips of our elderly and call them elders again.


To look to our children's wonder for guidance.​

To guide our lost adolescents.

To remember ourselves as siblings of the land, not masters.

To honour this remarkable planet of ours.

For our ancestors.


For ourselves.


For the descendants we’re dreaming of.

What does your deep intuition say?

Somewhere inside, we know the way. Moving slowly, careful not to breathe the dust, we'll clear vine and blackthorn and bramble away from our sun-bleached hearts. The old footprints will still be there.


Pushing deeper into our nature, breathing and weaving our words of place, fire and myth, we might just begin to feel the rain falling on the land of our parched spirituality.


Maybe then we'll bring wonder back to the ordinary.


Maybe then we'll honour this remarkable planet of ours.


Maybe we can accomplish this.

If not for our own lives, for those to come.

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