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Every route and campfire guided by Recalling Fire sounds out the kinds of openness and curiosity left behind in our modern world: invitations to pause, feel and think carefully about the route we are on – as individuals, communities and a species.

We can close in and let the flames do the work for us. We can work in the boundary lines of your place. Or we can step out. All the way out...


Fireside gatherings

Evening storytelling and poetry in north Cornwall.

New location coming soon.

Sit and we'll honour the old ways.

Here in Cornwall and Britain, we have it all under our feet. An ancient island of giants and piskies, stories and songs.

There is a chance of music, food, fire, a bottle.

There is a certainty of story.

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Wild Walks

Firesides and moorlands

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Fire at your place

Bring Recalling Fire to you

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