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Upcoming Part 1 events:

Part 1: Threshold Gatherings are 'feet wetting' moments. Join us for immersive, participatory evenings of traditional oral storytelling, an introduction to myth as meaning-making, fathoms, forums and fires. And, if you feel something, we'll invite you to join a 'Part 2' event along the track...

Friday 31st May, 7pm-late,  central Cornwall: 'Evenings at the Can, above Agweres, Lanteague'. Info and tickets (arrive at 6pm for optional dinner).

Sunday 9th June, 6pm-8pm north Cornwall: Late afternoon at The Stables, Port Eliot Estate, Saltash. Info and tickets  (arrive at 5pm for optional dinner).

Sunday 7th July, all day, Paradhis Festival: Join us in the 'Nature and Nurture' tent. Festival info tickets.

Sunday 4th August, 6pm-8pm, north Cornwall: Late afternoon at The Stables, Port Eliot Estate, Saltash. Info and tickets  (arrive at 5pm for optional dinner).

Friday 9th August, 10.30am, Boardmasters Festival: Early-morning nourishment in the wellbeing area. Festival info and tickets.

Where do you ask unanswerable questions? When did you last hear your heart?


Every route and campfire guided by Recalling Fire sounds out the kinds of openness and curiosity left behind in our modern world: invitations to pause, feel and think carefully about the route we are on – as individuals, communities and a species.

We can close in and let the flames do the work for us. We can work in the boundary lines of your place. Or we can step out. All the way out...

For all up-coming events and availability, register for the Recalling Fire Newsletter. 

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The shape of our events

 Evening firesides and weekend gatherings throughout the seasons. Sit and we'll honour the old ways. We have time for this... 

PART 1: Threshold Gatherings. Fireside gatherings introducing you to old words and old ways. Approximately 2-3 hours.

PART 2: Outland Overnights. Dawn 'til dusk experiences for those seeking more depth. 2-3 days. 

PART 3: Into The Understory. The burning heart of Recalling Fire, deeply resourced rituals and extended time in nature. Small groups. 4 days.

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Into The Understory

Everything leads to this. Small groups. Camping, trekking and wondering at the crossroads.

Forest, moors and firesides: 4 days.


This is the full sense of Recalling Fire.


Fall into the forest. Not just to experience the resin scent of the pine and the woodpecker’s rattle, but to steep in story, to come back to your body and your breath and your voice.


This is a chance to disassociate with the tensions and all the things building up in your close relationships – with parents, lovers, colleagues, friends – to ‘be’ in a different way.


The land is available to us. Our fires are lying dormant in the dry wood of fallen branches. The wisdom of our forebears waits for us in the pages and the songs.

We will need time. We will need night and day. We will need whatever the clouds and stars and the riverbanks give us. We will need to listen to the land.


Limited spaces. Sign up to receive news of availaiblity.

We'll pull up water from the streams and sit until the fire burns low.

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