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What if you saw leadership as  a journey towards elderhood?

What if the culture of your organisation was about being alive together?

If you're a leader and you feel uninspired by the language of 'retention', 'performance' and 'cohesiveness', there's a good chance you're seeking for an older way of being.

What if following your heart was radically good business?

All those meetings, but what if you could truly meet your colleagues?

How do you want to look back on your time?

With old, almost forgotten stories and wild encounters, we give intrepid people in organisations a different kind of time. Warm back into your bodies, draw closer together and bring richness, meaning and authentic connection back to your work.

We can help you access a different kind of time.

Described as "unusual" and "life affirming" these experiences guarantee one thing: somewhere inside you, doors will begin to open.

Why this, why now?

What is more important to an organisation than its people?

In this chaotic, post-lockdown, politically, economically and environmentally white-hot world, there are more potent and powerful opportunities than training and team building. The call of our times is about truly meeting: ourselves, one another and the experience of being alive.

The power of the oral tradition


Like mineral water through rock, old stories are passed generation to generation, filtered in their countless retellings until all we have left is deeply nuanced, universally-agreed information about the human condition. And the experience is magnified by community and wild places.


We understand how unusual it can sound, but it's about as proven as it gets. In community, aware of our bodies, sharing sunsets, forest walks, fire, meeting ourselves in ancient images...  these some of the oldest and most natural things in the human culture. 

Storyteller testimonial_edited.jpg
"A wonderful storyteller who elicits silences and the feeling that people have about this profession. Really really deep, internal feelings."

Anona Dawson, The Wildlife Trusts

Words from our friends

How can we support you?

Powerful, deeply resourced workshops and away days to support leaders and their teams as they face threshold moments with long-term implications...

Our approach

This project is interested in how organisations can prepare for new futures and moments of transformation for their organisations.

We've seen the power of ancient stories and community connection techniques ,  resourcing changemakers and aiding in positive change for all.

The opportunities are wide reaching...

A gentle warning: meeting one another in such depth can feel unusual. It's 'meaning of life' material. We can only do this work if you come with willing hearts and open minds.

Speak to the team

Intrigued? Unsure? Conflicted? These are the natural feelings we face before we embark on powerful, daring work. Book a free discovery call to speak to the team about the possibilities ahead...

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