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Communities and organisations

Nourish your community with story. Meet one-another anew. Shift your perspective.

Led by Sam Crosby: storyteller, wilderness wanderer and communications consultant.

Imagine connecting to an ancient, nature-rooted, fire-surrounded, story-based practice: at your place, or somewhere out in the wilderness. 

What would it mean to find the threads woven into your community or your place?

How might your leadership challenges be reframed with ancient wisdom and campfires?


Interweave biodiversity and heritage and climate with workshops and collaborative journeys in the moving image of oral storytelling. Hunker down at a hearth, or lace up and step out.

For enquiries and to see past work with organisations...

Mesmeric, deeply moving and uplifting for a tired soul. Those moments of stillness and reflection are still viscerally with me now.

Anona Dawson, Dorset Wildlife Trust

What a beautiful evening. Thank you for the nourishment. I was moved to laugh and cry. I leave feeling more whole than when I arrived.

Participant, Urban Biodiversity

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