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Recalling Fire: Immersive traditional oral storytelling events
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Oral storytelling at the edge of the world

Recalling Fire is an oath to lovingly rekindle our wonder for life.


Share in mythical words handed down from our forebears.

Follow your deep animal intuition to be still.


Meet ancient, wild characters.


Maybe, in the twilight, meet yourself.

Mesmeric, deeply moving and uplifting for a tired soul. Those moments of stillness and reflection are still viscerally with me now.

What a beautiful evening. Thank you for the nourishment. I was moved to laugh and cry. I leave feeling more whole than when I arrived.

Anona Dawson, Dorset Wildlife Trust

Participant, Urban Biodiversity

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"Myticism, myth and mystery are all related to the Greek musterion: ‘to close the eyes or the mouth’. All refer to experiences that are obscure and ineffable, because they are beyond speech, and relate to the inner rather than the external world.”

Karen Armstrong

Weeping at the crossroads

We are journeying together through the valleys of a choking planet, suffering crises of fear and separation and obfuscation. Which way can we turn?

Wolf knows. She's howling for us to take a sharp exit from the path we're stumbling down and pause. Listen.

Once, fireside storytelling was the heart-song of a community, the meeting place of elders and youngers, ancestors and descendants, wisdom and vitality. A place to see ourselves in one another, history and nature.

In these times of confusion, intolerance, crisis...

We can call it back.

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