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We'll pull water up from the streams and sit until the fire burns low.

Wild walks

Small groups. Camping, trekking and wondering at the crossroads.

Forest, moors and firesides: 2-4 days.

This is the full sense of Recalling Fire.

Fall into the forest. Not just to experience the resin scent of the pine and the woodpecker’s rattle, but to steep in story, to come back to your body and your breath and your voice.

This is a chance to disassociate with the tensions and all the things building up in your close relationships – with parents, lovers, colleagues, friends – to ‘be’ in a different way.

The land is available to us. Our fires are lying dormant in the dry wood of fallen branches. The wisdom of our forebears waits for us in the pages and the songs.

We will need time. We will need night and day. We will need whatever the clouds and stars and the riverbanks give us. We will need to listen to the land.

Limited spaces. Sign up to receive news of availaiblity.

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